PRISM: a new Institut Hospitalo Universitaire for Gustave Roussy

17 mai 2023

Gustave Roussy’s Prism program, labeled « National precision center against cancer » by the National Research Agency (ANR) in 2018, obtained the « Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire » (IHU) label. Based on a transformative vision of cancer care, Prism is supported by a consortium of 5 partners. Its objective is to better understand the biology of each patient’s cancer and to identify those with the most aggressive tumors at diagnosis in order to offer them the most appropriate treatment. This IHU label is part of the perspective of making Gustave Roussy the largest campus in Europe dedicated to cancer.

This Tuesday, May 16, the Prism program becomes one of the 5 IHUs allocated 30 to 40 million euros announced by the Government as part of the 3rd call for projects of the France 2030 plan. The objective of the IHUs is to strengthen the French medical research capacity by developing world-class skills and research capacity (clinical and translational) bringing together universities, health establishments, research organizations and companies.

Prism is the result of several years of translational research carried out by the Gustave Roussy teams in partnership with CentraleSupélec, the University of Paris-Saclay, Inserm and Unicancer.

Transforming discoveries into concrete solutions for patients

The Prism Precision Medicine Institute is founded on a long-term vision of cancer: exploring new, multidimensional skills in the disease biology of each patient with cancer or at risk. To do this, it relies on innovative methodology and tools such as the analysis of circulating DNA, artificial intelligence, epigenetics and the study of the microbiota.

Thanks to exhaustive molecular profiling work, Prism aims to create a digital map summarizing the biology of each patient and should make it possible to identify new biomarkers and predictors of response to treatments. Their effectiveness will be validated by large-scale clinical trials.

An international precision medicine institute

Prism, which initially includes 29 research teams, plans to have 35 by 2025. They will be hosted in a specific building integrated into the heart of Gustave Roussy.

The impact of Prism will be both territorial, enhancing the socio-economic development of the South Paris region, and national, to spread applications from Prism to all cancer centers.

More broadly, Prism will help to disseminate precision oncology and ultra-personalization through diplomas, training, and will create new professions.

With the creation of the Paris-Saclay Cancer Cluster (PSCC) at the foot of Gustave Roussy, this new IHU provides optimal conditions to explore promising diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive approaches directly benefiting patients.

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