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A look back at the origins of the Prism Center in a few dates

Prism is the first National Center for Precision Medicine in oncology. A unique partnership, bringing together four leading institutions: Gustave Roussy, CentraleSupélec, Inserm and University Paris-Saclay.

The recent origins of precision medicine date back to the 2000s and the first pilot trials aimed at evaluating molecular tumor profiling. Gustave Roussy for his part launched a first feasibility study of routine molecular profiling of tumors in 2008. A look back at the origins of the Prism Center in a few dates.



Gustave Roussy launches a feasibility study, in 108 patients, of the routine use of DNA chips (CGH array).



Gustave Roussy publishes a reference publication in precision medicine in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, which conceptualizes high-throughput tumor sequencing applied as a diagnostic tool


Safir 01Moscato 01 trials are launched.



Inauguration of the « B2M » (for Bâtiment de Médecine Moléculaire), a research building entirely dedicated to molecular medicine.



Results of the Safir 01 breast cancer study, showing the feasibility of clinical high-throughput sequencing, are published in Lancet Oncology.


Launch of Safir 02 to assess whether genomic analysis improves the management of patients with metastatic breast cancer.



Launch of MAPPYACTS aimed at studying the genetic characteristics of childhood tumors or leukemia.


Launch of the MATCH-R trial to understand and identify the cellular mechanisms involved in resistance to targeted therapies



Four Clinical Trials led by Gustave Roussy physicians, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, demonstrate that patients do benefit from therapies guided by genomic analysis.


Launch of Prism. The center is labeled « National Center for Precision Medicine in oncology. » Prism is a consortium of Gustave Roussy, CentraleSupélec, Paris-Saclay University and Inserm.



The Prism program was awarded the « Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire » (IHU) label by the French Government as part of the IHU3 call for projects of the France 2030 plan.

 Prism is a one-of-a kind partnership between


Centre National de Médecine de Précision en Oncologie

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