The ARC Foundation supports the PRISM-Breast project

15 octobre 2020

The « Prism-Breast » project aims to understand the determinants of tumor response to anti-PD1 and beyond in patients who develop early stage triple negative breast cancer.

Triple negative breast cancers represent 15% of breast cancers and most often have a poor prognosis. This subtype is considered immunogenic, anti-PD(L)1 antibodies having shown their effectiveness in several recent studies.

The Prism-breast project will test the hypothesis that immunotherapy (Durvalumab) initiated early in women with localized (non-metastatic) triple-negative breast cancer could cure some of them. The POP-Durva study, developed to validate this hypothesis, aims that at least 20% of these women will be cured. In parallel, from biological samples collected from diagnosis and throughout the trial, the PRISM-sein project will seek to identify the biological characteristics associated with sensitivity or resistance to immunotherapy.

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